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Experience Off Road Fun On Rides Other Than Just The Dirt-Bikes

Drifting is always fun. But to drift in a car you need very high level expertise and it may land you in trouble with the law. If you want to experience the fun of drifting, why not try it on a bike? The drift trikes are here to quench that drifting need in you. With these drift trikes, you can take biking to a whole new level.

Get This Razor: Razor DTX Drift (Trike)

When you are thinking drift trikes, the Razor drift trike should be on top of your list because:

* It is made of steel frame, which makes it sturdier and enables it to take more weight

* The front tires are large and pneumatic, hence will be similar to the feel of riding a bike

* The rear wheels are cart style. This enables the trike to take up loads up to 198lb

* The grips are made of soft rubber like in pro bikes, to provide you the utmost comfort while riding

* The bucket style seat is adjustable. So any one can ride it in the family

* The pedals of this trike are in BMX style. So just sit back in your seat and you can pedal away comfortably.

Now riding this drift trike is fun at its best. Get a little practice and you can race your friends all day long. Go down the nearest slope and see for yourself, how well you can drift. This bike is designed in such a way that even amateurs can take it for a spin and not worry about hurting anyone. The more you ride, the easier it will be for you to drift.

The Dune Racer

Want to let your kids to have some adult racing fun? Give them the great fun dune racer model by Power Wheels and see them go outdoors and stay there with their dunes. It is powered by a 12V battery and can take up to a maximum of 130 pounds in weight, approximately. All your child has to do is pedal it in the beginning and the battery will take over .

If your child is unsure of the speed or is not comfortable, ask them to just remove their foot from the pedal and dune will come to a stop. It is not just your child who can enjoy, but he can even get a friend to join the fun. Two kids can be seated at a time and there are enough safety features to ensure the children’s safety.

These power wheels can be driven on various surfaces and the kid will need no help from you or any other adult. These dunes come in different models by different manufacturers and have very similar features. You can even go in reverse in models with the reverse gear.

Dune Buggy

These buggys tht can be driven on the sand is not just fun but tests your driving skills too. Driving on sand is not the same as driving on the road. These off the road vehicles are very powerful and when you drive it, you will hear yourself say “C my RAZOR dune buggy is really fast”. This is the perfect ATV for youth and oldies too!!! The sturdy body with easy controls enables people of different ages to experience the speed of this buggy.

Don’t limit yourself to dirt-bikes, get a buggy today and start having some serious fun.