Many people face the problem of the weak signals, especially when living in the big building or home. These people have to go to the window for taking the call or just go outside to get the better signal. You don’t have all to face all these problems as there is the quick solution for you in form of the 4g booster. 4G booster will help with converting the weak signals into the stronger one.

What Are The Steps For Installing The Signal Booster?

The process of installation of the signal booster is very easy. Installation of the signal booster is very quick and we can easily install the cell phone booster.

  • First, attach the antenna to the roof of the house; you can place the antenna according to your preference. You can select the window or wall to mount up the antenna.
  • The antenna is attached to the 4G signal booster with help of the coaxial cable.
  • You must place the booster in center of the location where you want the signal to be amplified.
  • Then you must then go for the power up booster and you can start with using the device.

The signal that you have mounted up must have the reach of about 15 feet with the gadget that will provide you with the better signal strength. You can easily get the good signal strength without facing any trouble.


Installation of the cell phone booster is very easy. There is the variety of 4G booster available in the market; you can get the one according to your preference. To avoid the entire problem related to the weak signal will be cleared with help of the booster. This booster will not guarantee you with the superb signal but will surely provide you with better quality of the signal.

April 13th, 2018

Posted In: Technology