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Levitating into the future with the Hoverboards

First mention was in a Sci-fi novel:

In the year 1967, when the author M.K Joseph spoke about a board that could help people levitate over the ground, he was only talking fiction. He did not know that years later, this was bound to become a reality. Absolutely fictional that it may still sound, hoverboards are now available and marketed everywhere. The only difference is that they do have wheels and cannot levitate like the fictional ones from off the ground!

The movie ‘Back to the Future’ popularized the concept:

Have you seen the movie “Back to the Future”? The second and the third part of the franchisee is the story of the protagonist who is trying to outdo the bad guys and he uses his hoverboard to help him move from one place to another. Of course, hoverboard that is shown in the movie is also fictional and way too ahead of our times.

How to decide which board is the best one for you?

For a beginner, all the boards may look the same. The technology even though similar is not the same for all the boards made today. Some of the companies have understood the dynamics of the movement on the board so well that they deserve to become the benchmark for this device.

The highest score goes to Razor/hovertrax scooter:

Even if you are just an enthusiast and picking the ropes of traveling on the board, you must consider buying the Razor 2.0 for yourself because it is indeed capable of delivering the superb performance and the smoothest maneuverability that other boards can only promise. In addition, Razor is the first US brand of hoverboards to have received the UL 2272 safety listing. Their after sales service is also beyond words. In short it is definitely value for the money that you would want to invest.

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The best balancing scooter:

There are hundreds of brands of self balancing scooters and you are bound to become confused as to which is the best one that suits your needs in terms of the quality and the price. The best one as of now which has almost hogged all the limelight is the Halo Rover with a five star rating to its credit. It can travel up to a range of 10 miles in one time of charge and can carry 31 pounds if weight easily. The maximum speed that it can travel up to is nine meters per hour which is amazing considering its size.