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Radar Detector – Drive Safe. Drive Smart.

Not everyone who has a driver’s license can become a good driver. It takes a lot of knack and talent to get that title. It is not just about being able to go front and back. The art of speeding and avoiding cops is nothing something jus anyone can pick up. That is why fancy speed radars are built. It is meant for those who love to drive, love to speed down the roads and keep a constant look out for the anti-speedsters. Shopping online is a good way to start. A website such as can give you an idea of what is there in the market and where to begin. It can be quite tricky, picking the right gadget. While some might be very expensive, some might not have the necessary appealing features. It is vital that you fit the gadget that suits your car and your personality. Some might not be comfortable with a talking device that would suddenly scream in your ear and make you crash into at tree. Check out the right features and pick the correct radar. It is important that you drive safe.

There are some very nice gadgets in the market that have stood out.

* Beltronics STI magnum

Nothing talks about a product like its performance. Beltronics speaks for itself when it comes to top notch radars. Beltronics makes this radar STI magnum J that has impressed speed lovers big time. Very few other brands of radar detectors are good enough to be compared to this product. The model is a very simple yet effective one. The well designed dual antenna gives you a long range that remains unbeatable in the market. No traffic cop can escape the three sensitivity features. The gadget is extremely user-friendly and does not require a tech-savvy driver to figure out how to use the gadget. Go through the manual once and you are set to race. The simple display and the easy set up saves hours of time and energy spent on trying to find out how the technology actually works.

The biggest advantage of this product is that it is compatible with Escort Live Application that provides alert to threats such as speed traps and red light cameras. The lack of a GPS can be a negative. The overall verdict is that this is a great entry level gadget to keep you on your toes when you are racing down the highway.

* Cobra radar detector review (SPX 7800bt)

This beautiful and colourful gadget not only is useful but also looks good. The LED display is fully coloured and makes it easier to notice and read when danger is lurking nearby. This gadget can be connected to the smartphone. It can integrate with another app called the cobra radar Threat-sharing app and works beautifully.

Cobra as a brand is a very useful app. The best laser radar Cobra xrs 9370 detector! is a favourite amongst many speed lovers. The brand name and reputation also matters. People automatically gravitate towards a known and publically accepted brand. New brands take a while to establish in the market. The reputation always precedes them. Buy a good radar detector from a trustworthy brand and see the difference. The rest will look extremely childish. Almost like a toy.