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The Indispensable Survivalist Knife

Your love for going on hiking trips or just going and exploring the wilderness is endless. The thrills and the adrenaline rush of going into unchartered territory are stupendous. And the preparation that is required for these journeys into the wilderness is, of course, huge. But the one essential thing that cannot be forgotten is the survivalist knife. This is one instrument that anyone going on hiking or wilderness journeys carries.

A survival knife is a very versatile piece of tool that achieves a good lot of things. And hence it’s importance. It is indeed quite surprising to see the different uses of this weapon. Some situations are really unimaginable. But, these knives, produced by different brands, with different specifications are immensely useful in a number of scenarios.

Some of the uses are:

* Cut, Slice and Pierce – These are but the obvious uses of a knife.

* Digging tool – a perfect tool used as a shovel for digging or also to carve out distress signals in snow or dirt.

* Hammer – the pommel end of the knife can be used as a hammer in its own right.

* Tool making –A great specialty of this tool is that it can make other tools in the wilderness.

* Shelter making – A knife blade trims the limbs when you have to build a shelter and can be used to notch the limbs too.

Apart from this, knives can be used also in first aid, starting a fire, processing wood, splitting wood, adjusting the gear, and many more things. Different uses of this amazing tool crop every time you are in a difficult situation.

So, it becomes quite imperative to go in for some good quality knife. One brand that comes up is the Benchmade knife. It is a Top Quality Knife to Buy! Benchmade 940 comparison is a must to know its wonderful specifications and uses.

The other brand that is good is the Becker brand. You should choose the top rated Becker bk2 knive to buy for your trekking and wilderness trips.

The zero tolerance knives – {Official Website} are the ones that can be depended on completely in any situation. These are certainly premium-quality and professional knives that deliver the best value.

All these brands of knives are very versatile. They are amazing knives which come in very handy in every kind of situation. Every brand ad model is extremely good and fits the purpose to the hilt.

TheBenchmade940 knife for survivalist situations is the most amazing lightweight powerhouse. It is the top pick in the foldable knives that is more advantageous than other knives. These are slim and stylish knives that are quintessential EDCs that deliver and perform in every possible situation. This is a knife that is modern and functions in an iconic manner. It is an all-purpose utility cutter, with the reverse tanto blade shape and a smooth axis lock.

A good knife is a good tool. But a good knife is also a multi-tool that can be used in different situations, sometimes very essential for survival.