Top 4 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements In 2019 That Will Actually Boost Your T-Level and Help Build Muscle Faster

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for muscle building and takes care of your libido. If you wish to grow as manly and buff as possible then this natural hormone is the most essential building block you need to achieve your goals.

It’s the vital role that it plays due to which many people want to know what the best test booster out there is. In males, testosterone is the key ingredient in promulgating the development of the prostate and testes.

Testosterone is specifically an androstane-class steroid your body makes naturally in order to truly unleash the man in you. It contains hydroxyl and keto groups at the 17th and 3rd positions respectively. This is biosynthesized from cholesterol through a step-by-step process.

benefits of testosterone in male body
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Not interested in the science behind? Got to catch a train? No problem, you can quickly refer to the table below and find out what product suits you the best. We will also briefly review the top 4 testosterone boosters on the market in the following article.

Quick overview of the 4 Best Testosterone Boosters

testogen- the best testosterone supplementAll-rounder product that we recommend
It helps you to boost your overall performance including strength,
libido, muscle mass & energy.

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testo-fuel-test-boosterCombination for Him & Her ๐Ÿ˜‰
Takes good care of your libido in bedroom and muscle mass in the gym.

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crzybulk testomaxThe powerhouse package from Crazy Bulk for muscle building and strength
Best for size, strength and stamina in the gym. Ensures fast recovery.

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prime_male_test_boosterRecommended for aged men above 50
Boosts testosterone level for good health, energy, libido and helps burn belly fat.

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Role of testosterone in Muscle Building

In regards to testosterone’s role in muscle building, it’s a well-known connection to anyone who’s ever set foot in a fitness class or a gym.

You’ll be taught by your teacher, trainer, or fellow trainees about how important it is to find ways to boost your testosterone in order to gain muscle mass and body definition.

There is no doubt in the fact that increased testosterone levels boost your muscle growth.

There have been studies which depict that there are ample ways of naturally boosting your testosterone levels.

However, some bro-science muggers will still put an argument telling you that anabolic steroids can renounce these natural testosterone supplements easily.

Please keep in mind we are giving out review of all natural testosterone boosters which are completely safe. Please don’t mix up these dietary supplements for anabolic steroids responsible for T boosting.

Well, we guess you already know that a steroid will obviously give much-refined growth and quicker results than these natural t boosters, but these results will surely come with a cost.

Now some more people will argue and tell that under supervision steroids do not harm.

See it is a total myth, you have had insane results with a chemical which your body is not used to and then after finishing up your cycle even if you had a washup or steroid draining cycle, you have harmed your body in some way, which will show up sooner or later.

It may be small or big harm but it will come out for sure because this is how human body physiology works.

So try depending on natural ways of increasing testosterone boosters unless you are fighting some bodybuilding competition(because you cannot compete naturally with a steroid consuming athlete)

Amount of testosterone VS muscle growth

We are generally told that there is a directly proportional relationship between testosterone and muscle growth if you are lifting enough and taking a balanced diet for your muscle-building goals.

testosterone booster for muscle growth

Although the role of intermittent fasting in testosterone levels can also not be ignored, in your fasting schedule as well you are, required to take a balanced diet not just empty calories snacks.

Researches have shown that out of two bodies, one having extremely low testosterone levels and the other one having high or normal testosterone levels, the latter one will respond well to exercise and balanced diet.

However this is not the complete truth, there is a role of Androgen receptors in this process. These are basically those receptors which respond to the testosterone available in your body and they enable testosterone to interact with the muscle tissue and helps growth.

Androgen receptors signal your muscle cells to increase the rate at which new muscle protein is laid down or, in other words, increases protein synthesis. Eventually making your muscle size bigger and stronger over the period of time.

So apart from testosterone, androgen receptors also play a vital role in making you more muscular and huge. You may take these as wheels in a car which along with the engine(testosterone) gives you smooth as well as a powerful ride.

Having said that, a new question arises that if androgen receptors are equally vital in growing muscle, then how the bodybuilders, taking high doses of testosterone bulk up a very huge muscle mass in a short span of time?

The answer is that these bodybuilding athletes take very high doses of testosterone which is almost 3-4 times more than a normal physiological range which yields them big muscles mass quickly limiting out androgen receptors’ role.

So for your general fitness and libido or even increased muscle mass, always try to go for natural dietary supplements.

Why do you need to boost your testosterone

There are plenty of reasons why an adult would need a T level boost by Testosterone Replacement Therapy or taking test booster pills instead of depending on their natural low test levels.

Testosterone assists in the development of mature sperm.

The hormone plays an important role in a person’s well being and health, particularly when it comes to preventing osteoporosis, lowered sex drive and gaining huge muscles.

A more precise answer to this depends on a lot of conditions. Do you feel tired after doing daily small household work or you experience low libido and sexual performance while in bed? Lack of motivation can also be a reason for your low testosterone levels.

Common Signs of Declining Testosterone

For most of the people low libido, decreased muscle mass, increase in fat, sleep disorders and frequent tiredness, mood swings etc depict low testosterone levels.

These are major symptoms of low testosterone, so in case you are constantly struggling with these issues, we suggest you get your T – levels tested.

You’re Old and You Have Low Test Levels

  • After reaching 30 years of age, your testosterone supply will naturally decline as you age. It’s part and parcel with ageing, in other words.
  • This is especially true of senior citizens, where their T-levels can become so dangerously low that they actually need testosterone replacement therapy as advised by their doctor. Their bones, in particular, are in danger with low test since better testosterone levels indicate better bone density as well.

You Want to Boost Your Sexual Performance

As discussed earlier, low T-levels can also result in poor libido or low sex drive.

You either don’t have an appetite for sex or when you do have sex, you lack the stamina to go all the way through.

You might even suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED, thus necessitating male hormone supplements.

Just don’t confuse a test booster or synthetic steroid with an ED pill like Viagra or Cialis, since those specifically deal with “male enhancement” or longer-lasting penile erections

Mostly for Bodybuilding

Testosterone and other steroids alike are mostly known for their ability to make your body more muscular and bulkier. This is why most test boosters are used to enhance muscle growth and recovery.

There are a lot of natural testosterone boosters in the market out of which we have listed the top 4. You can try any of them according to your needs but first, let’s discuss how to boost your testosterone naturally.

Natural ways of increasing testosterone

There are areas by which you can go about increasing your testosterone levels whether you’re a senior citizen in need of a testosterone boost or someone with some sort of condition that has lowered your T-levels dangerously.

best testosterone boosters

Or if you simply want an edge in muscle-building and athletic performance as well as maintain your libido or sexual mojo.

Exercise and Lift Weights

  • Exercise is not only effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases. Curiously, all forms of exercise are also effective in testosterone boosting. However, studies have shown that lifting heavy weights can drastically help in increasing the hormone.
  • Doing compound exercises mainly can increase your testosterone very effectively. Compound exercises are those which train more than just one muscle group such as squats, deadlifts bench press & overhead press
  • Its already evidenced by weightlifters taking T-boosters to increase the effectiveness of training for building muscles.

The basic idea why you would indulge into physical training is because burning extra calories will help you in fat loss. It is proven that fat loss leads to increased testosterone levels. For speeding up your fat loss goals, you can also combine dietary supplements from Bauer Nutrition along with your exercise regime.

Eat Protein, Fat, and Carbs

What you eat significantly influences your body’s hormone balance and composition.

Don’t overeat but don’t restrict your calories for too long. Instead, eat just enough protein, carbs, and fats while you exercise to keep your T-levels balanced.

Usually, people try to stay away from fats in order to cut down their overall calorie intake whereas if monitored and taken in a certain amount, fat will actually help you in raising test levels.

Fats contain cholesterol that’s converted by the body into testosterone

Tip : Try to stay away from packed food as studies have shown people who consume a lot of packaged food or soda tend to increase their estrogen levels thus decreasing male sex hormones.

Minimize Stress and Cortisol Levels

Being stressed by work or depressing events in the long-term can elevate your cortisol levels, which quickens your ageing and lowers your T-levels at the same time.

As cortisol goes up, your test goes down. Find ways to relax or undergo cognitive behavioural therapy to handle stress in a better way.

Get Some Sun or Take a Vitamin D Supplement

According to research, Vitamin D is a natural testosterone booster. Too bad half of the American population is Vitamin D deficient.

You can either take a Vitamin D3 supplement daily or get regular sunlight exposure of around 3,000 IU.

Get Plenty of Restful, High-Quality Sleep

You need to recharge your batteries by sleeping since it’s as important to your health as diet and exercise. It doesn’t just help you relax but also aids muscle growth as this is the time when they grow the most.

In terms of your T-levels, those who sleep less end up with borderline deficient levels of testosterone. Several studies have shown how sleep affects testosterone levels directly; less sleep leads to low testosterone and vice versa.

Take Vitamins and T-Booster Supplements

  • Take specific vitamins and minerals to boost your testosterone. Specifically, take Vitamins A, B, C, and E as well as Zinc.
  • This includes Vitamin D unless you’re already getting your fair share of sun.
  • Or you can specifically take a men’s test booster in order to boost your testosterone production in your body.

What Is a T-Booster or Testosterone Booster ?

As the name suggests testosterone booster is something which increases T levels in your body

A T-Booster or testosterone booster is different from an anabolic steroid or testosterone injection.

This pill or tablet is generally a food supplement that doesn’t actually have (synthetic) Test in them.

Instead, different natural ingredients taken from different herbs and plant matter are used in these safe natural test boosters to boost your natural supply of testosterone in the body.

It’s like the difference between boosting your blood supply versus a blood transfusion.

In regards to test booster ingredients, it’s important to remember only a handful of natural T-booster ingredients are supported by scientific studies. Therefore, you should pay attention to their ingredients list to find out which boosters are worth your money.


  • This is the T-booster herb with the most research behind it. According to studies on infertile men, this herb increased their T-levels by 17% and sperm count by 167%.
  • In healthy men, It can increase T-levels by 15%. Another study shows that it lowers cortisol by about 25%.

Ginger Extract

This delicious herb may boost your T-levels although its studies are mostly animal-based rather than human-based.

According to one human-based study on the infertile, ginger can boost T-levels by 17% while also increasing the levels of other sex hormones.

It’s also a source of many other health benefits

Other Popular Ingredients

Tongkat Ali, Shilajit, Horny Goat Weed, and Mucuna Pruriens are just some of the other popular T-booster ingredients that have benefits supported by studies on both humans who are infertile and animals such as mice with low test.

There are also ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus Terrestris, Boron (from Boron Citrate), and Bioperine that have promising studies linked to them.

How a natural T booster supplement works

Since the first T booster came in the market we have seen promoting themselves as a supplement which helps in increasing testosterone levels, regulating DHT production, promoting deep sleep and enriching your body with micronutrients especially B-vitamins.

This is what is exactly expected from a good natural testosterone booster.

To be more precise T boosters will obviously boost test levels in your body so there is no counter questioning in this regard.

Coming over to regulating DHT production, first, we should know what is DHT?

Well DHT is a hormone which stands for Dihydro-Testosterone which is responsible for body hair, deep voice and other masculine characters in males.

DHT is made from Testosterone by an enzyme named as 5-alpha-reductase (5-AR). 5-AR basically converts testosterone into DHT. More than 10% of testosterone is converted into DHT normally in a normal human male body.

DHT is also a cause for miniaturizing hair follicles thus leading to hair loss. So it should be present in the body in limited quantities only.

Excessive production of DHT will lead to an excessive conversion of Testosterone thus hindering muscle growth and leading to a rise in hair loss.

T boosters promote deep sleep. A sound and good sleep is a very necessary part of your muscle building.

High test levels along with quality training and a balanced diet cannot cater to your muscle-building needs alone.

So you are supposed to give your torn muscles enough rest for their recovery with sound sleeps which also help reducing stress levels. Try looking for this benefit in your natural T booster as well.

Last but not the least test booster pills should also provide your body with micronutrients specially b-vitamins as they are believed to increase the quality of sperms.

How to take T booster pills

We have been asking our clients to periodically check your body response even when they have been consuming some normal supplements which do not affect you in a larger way.

Regarding exact dosage and time, every second product in T booster supplements has its own dosage and time of taking it. So we won’t provide any general advice in this regard. It is better to follow the supplement manufacturer’s guidelines in this prospect.

But do not forget to check how your body responds to any medication or supplement starting from mood changes to a small increase in strength while lifting weights in the gym.

All T boosters do not respond in the same manner for everyone. Obviously, it will boost your T levels but this also varies from person to person.

So try taking one, record observations, derive conclusions from them and if you are not satisfied or happy, then and only then you should try some other product.

Side Effects of natural testosterone booster pills

T-Boosters are supplements and not anabolic or synthetic steroids. They make your body increase its own supply of test instead of introducing synthetic test into your system for the sake of replicating the benefits of being a natural high T level.

However, even though these natural supplements offer fewer risks compared to their injectable and lab-synthesized hormone counterparts, they have their own share of risks and side effects.

The products we have listed out here in the article as we proceed, all are dietary supplements and generally do not lead to any severe possible complications

Too much testosterone can cause personality changes. You can become more aggressive, violent, and short-tempered with a significant increase in our Test levels.

Behaviour and mood changes that include rage, paranoia, irritability, and poor judgment are more linked to abusing synthetic steroids than naturally boosting your test levels.

These natural test booster will not harm you in any way apart from having very mild acne(in very rare cases) and mood swings because of increasing T levels in your body.

Please don’t try to combine your test booster pills intake with some other supplement. Consult a doctor and a nutritionist before combining any two medicine or even supplements.

What’s The Best Age to Take a T-Booster Supplement? Do You Need Them?

testosterone levels by age

You’re recommended to take testosterone boosting products when you’re at least 25 years old and above. Taking Test boosters when you already have healthy levels of it during puberty to adulthood is a bad idea because it can change your hormone levels negatively. If your goal is muscle building and competing with bodybuilding athletes then you can go for it but still make sure you consult a doctor

A good test booster works best on a healthy adult in the prime of his life or someone who’s started to decline in test levels with age. To do it while you’re still developing as a teenager, late teen, or young adult can result in unintended and negative side effects.

Young people’s Test Levels Are High

Teenage boys and their developing bodies tend to have naturally high T-levels from puberty to 25 years of age. It’s after 25 to 30 years of age that test levels begin to drop steadily year after year.

So the older you are or the farther you are from 25 years old, the more a good T-booster will work for you in supplementing or increasing your T-levels to optimal levels worthy of a teenager or an adult at the prime of his life.

Why boost your test when you don’t need to? Why fix what isn’t broken?

Senior Citizens and Their T-Levels

Senior citizens definitely need a test boost because of declining T-levels from age.

Actually, increasing your testosterone can serve as a fountain of youth of sorts for many of the elderly gentlemen out there because it’s a way for them to preserve their health, maintain their sexual virility, and even ensure that they can still stay fit at an advanced age.

Older athletes can take these T-boosters in order to keep up with the young ones.

Not Just for Weightlifters or Athletes

Those who are likeliest to avail of an all-natural testosterone booster are usually young 25-30-year-old athletes that don’t want to get caught dirty by the athletic commission for using anabolic steroids or weightlifters who want a steroidal edge without the downsides of the synthetic test.

However, the normal 25-year-old or so Joe Schmoe who wishes to have a better bod or wants to get rid of their pot belly can benefit from higher T-levels and its benefits in muscle mass, speed and strength. Here are the top 4 best testosterone boosters of our choice:

Top 4 Testosterone Boosters of 2019

Not all T-boosters are created equal. Which of the 4 most popular test formulations will come out on top? TestoGen, Testo-Max, Testo Fuel or Prime Male? Keep on reading to find out. They might share certain ingredients, but they ultimately differ in formulation and benefits.

#1 TestoGen

TestoGen is one of the 4 most popular testosterone booster supplements that’s been making rounds on the Internet. It boasts of being harmless and natural yet effective in giving you anabolic steroid benefits without any side effects. So what makes TestoGen the most effective test booster?
You can depend on this T-booster to give you the energy, stamina, and willpower to perform better not just at the gym, but, in bed also.
We have briefly explained everything about this product, you can read our Testogen review here to get complete information.

testogen- the best testosterone supplement

  • It produces all sorts of positive testosterone benefits across the board. It’s capable of boosting your T-levels significantly and naturally.
  • It makes you look, feel, and perform like a real man by reducing your fat and cholesterol since testosterone is made from cholesterol. Indeed, there’s nothing quite as feminizing as excessive body fat.
  • Get rid of those shameful love handles and pot belly by taking a capsule that turns cholesterol into pure manliness.
  • With its intake, your libido and sex drive will increase significantly as well. It’s like a pill made of pure sexual mojo. You’ll turn into a veritable stallion that all the ladies won’t get enough of ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • You’ll get to all your fitness goals including slimming down, bulking up, cutting weight, or becoming shredded with well-defined muscles as long as you’re boosting your own supply of the male hormone.
  • This is the type of test booster you’d order if you want to restore the edge you’ve lost as you aged or maintain it at optimum levels while you’re at the prime of your life at 25 years old.
  • You won’t only feel younger or maintain that feeling of youthful vigour. You can also increase your concentration or focus on any task. It also has psychological benefits such as becoming more motivated to enjoy life, which is equal parts because of the hormone’s influence on your mood.
  • You’ll simply end up happy with the various physical benefits that being high Test brings to the table.
natural test booster supplement testogen ingredients

Why you should buy it

  • The increased amount of D-aspartic acid
  • Contains Tribulus Terrestris, ZMA and Fenugreek
  • For more absorption quantity of Vitamin D & K are relatively higher

Why you shouldn’t

  • The b-vitamins dose is relatively lower
  • This product cannot be bought from offline stores. So buy it online

Tip – Vitamin B tablets are Over the Counter tablets which are available on almost all pharmacies at cheap rates. So just because of little less vitamin B, you don’t have to exclude this T-Booster if you feel this suits you the best.

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#2 Testo Fuel

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. In terms of test benefits, Testo Fuel outperforms TestoGen, keeps up with Crazy Bulk’s Testo Max pretty well and has an even better track record in terms of building muscle mass.


So what makes this bodybuilding Test booster known as TestoFuel tick? It’s all about the numbers.

To be more specific, once measured, Testo Fuel is the T-booster that gives you measurable and objective testosterone increases that are in many ways higher than want you can get from TestoGen or Testo-Max.

It’s no coincidence why among the 4 test boosters on this article, it’s Testo Fuel that’s considered by gym-goers as their number 1 choice.

More than the balanced TestoGen or the performance-and-libido-focused Testo-Max, Testo Fuel is more concerned about getting that raw muscle power out of your body as you clang and bang with all those metal weights, exercise machines, and resistance devices.

Your performance via training will follow after the muscles come out instead of vice-versa. The product’s focus is on muscles first & strength training later.

If you don’t want the jack-of-all-trades but a master of none offerings of TestoGen that gives you everything you need but doesn’t excel in any benefit in particular, then Testo Fuel is your best bet in terms of muscle building.

Although Testo Fuel might seem like the new kid on the block, it has built quite a reputation throughout 5 years since it’s been on the market. Furthermore, it’s mainly aimed at bodybuilders in the gym who wish to increase their test levels for the sake of getting more out of their workout sessions every time.

This is as opposed to Testo-Max that depends more on the Crazy Bulk stack it belongs to in order to define what results it’s supposed to produce. You’re more in control and the raw numbers do speak for themselves. It truly does serve as your body’s fuel for increased T-levels.

Why you should buy Testo Fuel

  • Again D-Aspartic acid quantity is higher.
  • Natural Zinc in the form of Oyster extract can be found.
  • Fenugreek is one of the main ingredients used
  • For increased absorption vitamin D is also present

Why you shouldn’t

  • As compared to its rivals, TestoFuel costs a bit more.
  • Available only in online stores.

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#3 Crazy Bulk – Testo Max

Crazy Bulk is a different natural steroid or supplement maker from the rest because it actually names the anabolic steroids that its products are supposed to emulate. In the case of Testo-Max, it’s supposed to be the legal alternative to Sustanon.

crzybulk testomax

So is Crazy Bulk’s Testo Max the best test booster bodybuilding product around?

It might as well be because of its double-edged sword of giving you all you can handle in terms of test-boosted athletic performance mixed with high libido that serves as the cherry on top of this testosterone sundae.

Taking Testo-Max is an adrenalin rush of pure manliness because it’s specifically been formulated to increase your performance so that the lean muscle mass will naturally follow. What’s even better is that Testo-Max just gets even more dependable and crazy when getting you to bulk up or slim down to a shredded slice of beefcake because it helps you achieve peak human performance as far as your own body is capable of.

The more you train with this pill, the higher your heights will get in terms of the weights you can lift and the muscles you can develop.

If you’re more concerned about raw muscle development, you can avail of this T-booster as part of a stack. The all-natural ingredients of Crazy Bulk โ€“ Testo-Max have specifically been formulated to work and blend excellently with the rest of Crazy Bulk’s line of products.

You can avail of the Bulking Stack that includes D-Bal, DecaDuro, and Trenorol along with Testo-Max to give you mega muscles as you swell up. Or you can use the Cutting Stack for lean and defined muscle care of Testo-Max, Clenbuterol, Anvarol, and Winsol.

Need more details about the product, head on to our detailed crazy bulk Testo max review.

natural testosterone booster crazy bulk tesotomax

Why you should buy it

  • If you are running low on money, then it is best for you
  • Tribulus Terrestris is one of the main ingredients
  • B-Vitamins dosage is relatively higher
  • Ginseng dosage is relatively higher

Why you shouldn’t

  • Zinc Dosage is comparatively low
  • Quantity of D-Vitamins is also relatively low
  • You can buy testo max online only

Tip : Since this is comparatively cheaper T- booster as compared to others, you can simply buy multivitamin tablets to cover up the less zinc and vitamin D rather than putting in more money to buy some other alternate.

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#4 Prime Male

Prime Male is also a new player in the test booster industry. Launched around 7 years ago in 2012 and also known as the red T boosting supplement, Prime male is not much far behind from the last 3 T booster we discussed.


It claims to be giving more attention to the barriers which decrease the amount of healthy and active testosterone in a male body. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin(SHBG) and female hormones including prolactin and estrogen are the main barriers which lead to a significant reduction in T levels.

As the manufacturer tells, Prime male is a combo of 12 nutrients including
D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC), BioPerine, Boron Red Ginseng, Luteolin, Magnesium, Mucuna Pruriens, Nettle Root 10:1 extract, Vitamin B6 (as P-5-P), Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 and Zinc which brings us combined benefits including optimal energy, more strength, lower blood pressure, weight loss, greater libido, enhanced cognitive function, improvement in cardiovascular health by decreasing cholesterol levels, healthier and tighter skin and more stronger bones.

However, the primary ingredient which instils a boost in the brand is D-Aspartic acid in the form of D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC). It is an amino acid which increases the release of LH and Luteinizing hormone further pumps the testes to release more testosterone thus increasing T levels in your body.

One of our team members in fact personally tried 120 capsules of prime male with a balanced diet and regular exercise. He experienced a lot of benefits and wrote a very descriptive prime male review here, covering almost everything such as ingredients, side effects, results etc.

test booster prime male ingredients

Why you should buy it

  • Wide variety of ingredients used ranging from nettle root to boron
  • DHT blockers also present in the form of Luteolin
  • D-aspartic acid is one of the main ingredients
  • 90 days money-back guarantee is available

Why you shouldn’t

  • It costs more as compared to other Test boosters
  • Can be purchased only online

Buy Now

Ingredients comparison between the Best 4 Test Boosters

Crazy Bulk
Testo Max
testogen- the best testosterone supplementtesto-fuel-test-boostercrzybulk testomaxprime_male_test_booster
D-Aspritic Acid2352mg2300mg1500mg1600mg
Tribulus Terrestris 300mgNil225mgNil
Nettle RootNilNilNil160mg
Fenugreeโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹k 40mg100mg150mgNil
Ginseng40mg100mg 187.5mg 120mg
Final Price
(if purchased in bulk)
Buy NowBuy nowBuy NowBuy Now


Long story short, Testosterone is the essence of manliness. It’s one of the building blocks of a healthy and active lifestyle. From being Hulk in Gym to Kama in bed, testosterone plays a very vital role. With that said, which among the 4 top T-boosters of 2019 is the best?

The perfect answer to this question lies within the needs and wants of an individual, whether your goal is to build muscles or its libido increment that you need. We have tried to explain below which product should fit your needs the best.

Best testosterone supplement for muscle building

TestoGen, Testo-Max, Testo Fuel or Prime Male?

After testing and double-checking the capabilities of all four T-boosters, we conclude that TestoGen is the best among the most popular T-booster products available in 2019. Why? There are several reasons why.

TestoGen has the highest quantity of D-aspartic Acid which is considered a most important ingredient in a T supplement.

Moreover, Testo Gen also comes with Tribulus Terrestris. It’s just vitamin B as we mentioned earlier that is a bit less in this supplement. However, it’s easily available over the counter at very cheap rates.

Although Crazy Bulk’s Testomax also gives a tough fight if compared with the rest of the boosters. However, it works best when coupled with other crazy bulk products. For instance, if you are trying crazy bulk’s cutting or bulking stack then Testo max is the best bet.

Coming over to TestoFuel, it has an extra edge over other supplements for a different goal i.e. overall increase in T levels for general health including libido, muscle mass etc.

Even though TestoFuel is a bit expensive, however, we have to say that it is worth the price if your main aim to enjoy the benefits of high testosterone overall.

Best testosterone booster for general health and libido

Testo Fuel wins the bet here. TestoFuel comes second just behind the TestoGen in terms of D-Aspartic acid dosage.

It also comes out as a good supply of B-Vitamins. So go for it for overall health and libido.

Best T Booster for people over 50

Prime Male becomes your prime sword for this purpose. Only T booster listed above with nettle root as one of the ingredients.

Prime Male is very helpful for men above 45-50 years of age as it not just increases T-level but also gives you other benefits that are needed in this age like strong bones, stress-free life and increased libido.