Crazybulk Trenorol Review

Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol is a legal alternative to Trenbolone which is sold under brand names such as Finajet and Finaplix.

Trenbolone is injected directly into the muscles and is known to boost testosterone. Initially, it was given to cattle to increase the profitability of livestock by promoting their muscle growth.


crazybulk trenorol

Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol helps in retaining more nitrogen which is one of the main building blocks of protein. With increased nitrogen and protein in your body, fat loss increases along with gains in muscle mass.

Trenorol also helps in better workouts by increasing red blood cell production. Increased RBCs allow extra oxygen to our muscles hence giving more strength and power during workout. RBCs also give your mind-blowing vascularity and the gains are all pure muscle with no water retention.

Trenorol ingredients

Trenorol contains the following with their amounts per serving:

  • Beta Sitosterol – 600 mg
  • Samento Inner Bark (Uncaria tomentosa) (Bark) – 300 mg
  • Nettle Leaf Extract (Urtica dioica) (Leaves) – 300 mg
  • Pepsin – 75mg

Other Ingredients – Gelatin, Rice Concentrate, Lactose, Silica, Vegetable Stearate and Maltodextrin.

trenerol ingredients

Contains: Milk Products

Contains No: Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Wheat, Rice, Gluten, Shellfish, Artificial Sweeteners, Colors Or Flavorings.

Trenorol dosage

You are suggested to take 3 capsules a day around 45 mins before workout with water. On non-workout days take 1 capsule with every main meal.

For best results, you should take Trenorol at least for 2 months along with proper diet and planned workout.

Trenorol Pricing

One bottle of Crazy Bulk Trenorol contains 90 capsules and each serving is comprised of 3 capsules. Hence the number of servings per bottle is 30. It costs $61.99 with free shipping.

On a purchase of 2 bottles, you get 3rd one absolutely free at $123.98 with free shipping. You will also get 8 guides free with your purchase. These guides contain training tips and nutrition plans for different goals including bulking, cutting and strength.

Trenorol Benefits

  • 100% legal alternate of Trenbolone,
  • Huge Muscle Mass,
  • Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle Mass,
  • High Strength & Stamina,
  • Better Physical Conditioning,
  • Enhanced Vascularity,
  • No Needles or Prescriptions,
  • Very quick results within 30 Days,
  • Free Worldwide Delivery,
  • No side effects like Trenbolone,
  • Safe and Natural Ingredients

Trenorol Side Effects

Trenorol is a legal alternative of Trenbolone.

Trenbolone shows the following side effects:

  • Acne,
  • Oily skin,
  • Increased hair growth on the body and face,
  • Increase of the prostate,
  • Sweating mainly during the night,
  • Cough,
  • Increased aggression of user.

Since Trenorol is made up of all natural ingredients, there are no such reported side effects of this Trenbolone alternative.

Trenorol Results

Trenorol is a part of strength stack that we used and to sum up things, it gives you raw power, vascularity, helps in cutting extra fat and gives you a more toned and ripped look.

Since we did not take this product individually hence here are a few reviews from their official website based on results by consumers:


Lots of real results

Bruce Markland:

Great products, I can see and feel the results. This is my second stack and am looking forward to even better results.


Almost done with first month of trenorol, testomax, and d-bal. I am up 4lbs and down almost 2% bodyfat. My recovery must be improved at least a full day ahead of schedule. Making my second order. Supplements live up to the hype.


Currently cutting and I am taking Trenorol, I have lost weight and was worried my strength would take a hit but I have been maintaining my strength and in some cases even increasing my strength.

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