Boost testosterone naturally with these foods and herbs

How to boost your testosterone level naturally?

Do you have a strong desire to build muscles but unable to achieve the task after many efforts? The answer might not just lie in how much protein you consume or how heavy weights you lift, there is more to it. Have you paid attention to your testosterone level?

Decrease in testosterone level is the primary reason behind lack of muscle building and even less desire to have sex. Testosterone is a vital sex hormone present in male and there are many reasons behind its declining level.

Generally, these levels do decline with the age but you can slow them down or even reverse the process.

For sure, we are here just not focusing on vitamins and supplements as it is very much possible to naturally boost testosterone if you are committed to eat a healthy diet and follow a quality daily routine.

Maintaining adequate testosterone level is vital for enjoying a quality lifestyle. With the low levels, you are bound to face the weight gain and negative impact on body composition.

More often than not, people do take the assistance of supplements in order to enhance the testosterone level and make a huge mistake. These supplements are extremely harmful and will only have a negative impact on your body.

It is critical to follow techniques that will naturally boost testosterone and there are plenty to help you out. Even here we are more committed to revealing natural ways of maintaining appropriate levels of testosterone.

increase your testosterone naturally

Natural Ways To Talk About

Drug companies worldwide are busy in promoting their products that are prepared to increase testosterone but results have proved these products only have the potential to help some people.

If you are the one who is consuming these supplements on a regular basis but desire to remain fit, it is necessary to pay attention to natural techniques too.

These medications can definitely help you out a great deal but if you are aware of natural methods then chances of tasting success are pretty high.

The most ideal way to get rid of the testosterone issue is to follow some quality lifestyle habits. These habits to naturally boost testosterone will not only enhance your overall health but make sure you are required to take less amount of supplements to boost your test level.

Getting proper sleep

Not having a sufficient amount of sleep daily can lead to many serious health issues. It can also imbalance the hormones of our body, including the male sex hormone that is testosterone.

And I am not just saying this, but several studies have proved it that lack of sleep drops down the level of testosterone. The studies after an experiment showed that if a person doesn’t get enough sleep for even seven days, it can drop the level of testosterone in males by 15 per cent.

We all know that the biggest issue with adults these days is that they all are being insomniac, which is the main reason behind the hormonal imbalance.

However, a slight decrease in the level of testosterone, along with time as you age, is very normal and natural.  Having a sound sleep for at least 8 hours keeps the testosterone level balanced in men.

Therefore, it is crucial to make sleep the priority if you want to be healthy and it is an effective lifestyle change too that will naturally boost testosterone. Having a sound sleep will help you in many other health aspects as well

sleep vs testosterone

Sustaining a balanced diet

According to the researches, it has been depicted that eating healthy food properly on time helps to maintain the level of testosterone in the body. Low testosterone levels can not only cause the overweight problem but also promote the chances of inflammatory and many neurological diseases.

One should maintain their diet properly in order to naturally boost testosterone and should balance it by consuming the proper amount of required nutrition.

A balanced diet should generally consist of ingredients that are rich in macros i.e carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Consuming a proper healthy diet will result in a significant increase in the level of testosterone. Keep in mind that a healthy diet also means that there is no place of junk food in it.

Changing the patterns of when you eat food also can affect T-levels. Example, not consuming anything for hours or vice versa comes along with their own effects. It is proven that eating small portions of food every 2-3 hours helps to keep your metabolism rate high. Intermittent fasting, on the other hand, is beneficial too in increasing testosterone levels as it affects blood sugar level. It also reduces leptin level which can lead to an increase in testosterone. You can also read this article to learn more about how your testosterone levels get impacted by intermittent fasting.

diet for boosting testosterone naturally

Losing weight

As mentioned above, overweight can be one of the main reasons behind hormonal imbalance, therefore losing weight can also intend to significantly improve testosterone levels in men.

Researchers have depicted that the males who are overweight showed to have 50% less testosterone than a male having a standard weight.

Stay physically active

Staying physically active is very important to naturally boost testosterone. It not only keeps you away from chronic diseases by increasing the oxygen and blood supply but also it helps to improve the testosterone levels in men.

Doing physical exercises daily will serve you with a number of benefits along with the improvement in balancing your hormonal level. Keep in mind that you should not go too hard on yourself and increase the amount of exercise with time under a doctor’s guidance if you have any medical problems.

Vitamins and supplements

As we mentioned above, having a diet with balanced macros is crucial, but what about the micros i.e vitamins and minerals?

It is proven that the intake of specific vitamins and supplements can help to enhance the testosterone level in males.

The consumption of elements such as Zinc and vitamin D is proven to compensate for the deficiency and hence will raise the level of testosterone.

vitamins and supplements to boost testosterone naturally

Vitamin D

 It is not necessary to consume Vitamin D orally, as 15 minutes of sunlight is enough to effectuate the daily requirement of vitamin D in our body. Here are some of the sources of food that are rich in vitamin D:

  • Salmon fish
  • Flex seed
  • Fortified Milk
  • Cereals

Magnesium and Zinc

Apart from vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc also help in getting the optimum level of testosterone back to normal.

According to the researches, DHEA is a naturally produced hormone in body that is meant for the production of male sex hormone aka testosterone. With growing age, the level of DHEA starts to fall and so does the testosterone level.

Consuming Mg and Zn will help to counterfeit the deficiency of DHEA and hence will promote the growth of testosterone level.

One can also get zinc and magnesium from the daily diet. There are many foods that are rich in these both elements such as:

  • Whole Grains
  • Green Leafy vegetables
  • Flex Seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Meat
  • Nuts

If you have a properly maintained diet, you will not require any other medications to balance the hormonal level of your body.


Other than all the above-mentioned ways to naturally boost testosterone, Creatine is known to be an enhancer in the male sex hormone aka testosterone. According to a research, those who took Creatine supplementation for around two months were found to have higher levels of testosterone. It can be consumed naturally as well by eating Creatine rich products like salmon, tuna and beef.

Review your medicines

It is undeniable that today most people prefer consuming medicines rather than maintaining their diet. Such a high intake of allopathic medication is intended to lower the level of testosterone.

According to a report, particular medicines that are meant to reduce the cholesterol level in the body may also affect the testosterone level of the body.

That’s why it is indispensable to consult with a doctor and review all the medications that you are consuming if you are suspected with a low testosterone level.

Skip out the consumption of alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs are anyways no better to a human body if consumed on a regular basis, and especially those who are having a low testosterone level should strictly avoid the consumption of any type of narcotics such as alcohol and drugs.

These not only undermine your body from inside but also contribute to lowering the testosterone level. The reason behind the fact is that Narcotic products have a very adverse effect on reproductive hormones and glands in males.

say no to alcohol and drugs for boosting testosterone

Thus, alcohol and drugs become a barrier in the production of testosterone, hence affecting the male steroid hormones. Furthermore, their consumption can damage your cells and affect your various body organs.

So, if you want to see a noticeable improvement in the male steroid hormone of your body, then you should maintain a distance from alcohol.

Now let’s talk about some edibles which can boost your T levels naturally and no doubt this is the best way to give your body a surplus of testosterone.

Foods That Increase Testosterone Naturally

Around the age of 30, the level of testosterone begins to decreases naturally with time, but in adults, it is crucial to maintain the testosterone level. So, people who are having low testosterone levels, no need to fret, because, one can increase its level by eating some specific testosterone boosting foods and vegetables.

It is the most suitable option, if you don’t want to rely on medical treatments. Vitamin D and zinc are meant to increase the level of testosterone

So, let’s see the list of testosterone boosting foods that are rich in these 2 elements that you can consume for maintaining its level in the body.

testosterone boosting foods for men


Tuna is low-calorie seafood that is rich in vitamin D that is considered to be effective in promoting the production of testosterone in our body. It is also good for cardiac health. It is among one of the natural testosterone boosting foods, doesn’t matter how you consume it- canned or fresh, it’ll be beneficial in both intakes.

If you are vegan then you can opt for the canned one.  One serving of the fish is enough to fulfill your daily vitamin D requirements.

But if you don’t have any problem with eating fishes, then you should also try other fish like salmon and sardines that serves you for the purposes. One should take 2-3 servings of seafood per week and reduce the intake of mercury to have significant results.

Low-fat milk loaded with vitamin D

The consumption of milk is proven to improve the bone health of our body because it is loaded with protein and calcium.

Even children and women are consuming milk from ages. But do you know that intake of milk also strengthens the bones of the men too?

But particularly for that purpose, one needs to choose the fortified milk that is loaded with vitamin D, which will ultimately contribute in satisfying the need of vitamin D in the body and thus will naturally boost testosterone.

The fortified milk has the same composition except for the saturated fats.


Ginger has been used for various medicinal purposes since the times of our ancestors. It was also used for the culinary purpose. But today’s research has shown that the root of ginger can enhance the testosterone level in men.

And also, it is among one of the most easily accessible testosterone boosting foods in our home. According to the data collected by our scientists, studies have shown that the consumption of ginger on a regular basis for three months is authenticated to increase about 17.7% of testosterone level. Furthermore, it is also helpful in improving overall sperm health.


Zinc is one of the important elements in increasing the testosterone level in men, and the oyster is loaded with zinc and can serve you with loads of zinc per serving.  Zinc is beneficial in improving the health of the sperms and their efficiency.

Deficiency of zinc in males can even lead to hypogonadism that can lead to the slow development of the sexual characters.

Not necessarily oysters, one can also consume the particular mineral from other testosterone boosting foods such as red meat, poultry, and nuts, other shellfishes, etc.

Note: Here, one thing that shouldn’t be ignored is the fact that zinc and copper shouldn’t be consumed at the same time as they compete for their absorption in the body and can be harmful. Therefore, one should take special care while consuming these or it would be better not to consume any other supplement

Fortified Cereals

If you also want to maintain your cholesterol level along with consuming the food that helps low T, then the fortified cereals can be your best friend in breakfast.

These fortified cereals are packed with vitamin D that also increases the protein level in your body. So, try incorporating fortified cereals in your breakfast meal to give a quick start to your day.


Consuming beans in your meal can serve you a lot more benefits than you think and will surely naturally boost testosterone. All types of beans are very healthy and are loaded with protein, zinc, and vitamin D.

Among these 3 Zinc and vitamin D will help you boost your testosterone level. Furthermore, the plant-based proteins provided by the beans will improve the health of your heart.


Pomegranates are the best among the testosterone boosting foods that are validated as an old- age remedy to solve the fertility issues and sexual functions in males.

To check this, Scientist conducted an experiment in which 60 healthy persons were asked to consume pure pomegranate juice for 14 days, and after 14 days they tested the levels of testosterone. 

According to the results of the experiment, there was a noticeable increase in the salivary testosterone levels in both men and women. Not only this, but the pomegranates are also known to maintain heart health and reducing the stress level.

Green-leafy vegetables

Yes, I mentioned green leafy vegetables. The intake of leafy vegetables such as Spinach and kale are helpful in enhancing the level of testosterone in the body.  They are a good source of all over dietary supplements.

Other vegan testosterone boosting foods that you can consume are lentils, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. These will not only help you in a particular job but also will help in maintaining all over the health of your body.


It is one of the most versatile foods that are beneficial in many ways to our body. It is an all-rounder food from maintaining the health of your heart to losing the weight. Along with that, it is also proven to be beneficial in boosting the testosterone levels of the body. It is so effective that consuming fresh onion juice for four weeks only can lead to significant growth in the level of testosterone.

These are some of the testosterone boosting foods that can work effectively. Now that you can consume these foodstuffs at home, you will not need to rely on oral medications.

Last but not least, along with food, some herbal medicines can also push off your test levels naturally without any side effect.

Herbs to boost testosterone naturally and quickly

There are many herbs that can naturally boost testosterone, and we will mention out all important ones here:

herbs to boost testosterone

Malaysian ginseng (Eurycoma Longifolia)

By using Eurycoma Longifolia, one can raise their testosterone level in their body naturally. If in case you are thinking that why I am saying it a natural treatment then in addition to your knowledge Eurycoma Longifolia is an evergreen shrub that can only be found in the Southeast region of Asia.  The plant is on its hype due to the fact that it is proven to improve the sexual abilities and athletic performance. By using Longifolia, eradicate the chances of chronic disease like erectile dysfunction. Intake of 600mg Malaysian ginseng will help you get rid of testosterone related issues. As it is considered to be an effective herbal medicine that will-

  • Help in treating the infertility issues in men
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Reduce the weight
  • Eliminate issues regarding blood pressure

Regular consumption of Eurycoma will improve the quality of sperm or enhance the overall fitness level.

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

Experts are using roots of ashwagandha because it is treating infertility. Men who had consumed Ashwagandha have experienced following changes-

  • It is helpful in improving the symptoms of anxiety in the patients
  • Sustaining  the brain functioning
  • Eradicating chances of cerebellar ataxia
  • Enhance the motility of sperm

It is clinically proved that Withania Somnifera is improving the quality of life and sexual desires. Also, Somnifera is helpful in treating erectile dysfunction in men. Consumption of ashwagandha on a regular basis will maintain the cholesterol level.

Also, root and bark of ashwagandha are increasing the interest of adult in sex.  Hence, a mixture of sulfur and mercury is beneficial in getting rid of Rheumatoid arthritis.  An appropriate ashwagandha is considered as best testosterone boosting herbs.

Yohimbe (Pausinystalia Yohimbe)

The herb is among one of the best testosterone boosting herbs that are also known as yohimbine. Regular intake of Pausinystalia will increase sexual arousal in adults.  It may increase sexual interest in the male.

For noticeable results, one can consume Yohimbe bark in the tea. Also, buying a table form will surely benefit you. It is authenticated to be one of the best testosterone boosting herbs. If you are lacking any information regarding the herb, you can consult with a professional doctor.

Pine bark extract (Pinus pinaster)

One can opt for natural compound medicine known as proanthocyanidins. The concentrated extract of Pinus pinaster is added to the medicine in order to improve the testosterone level in men.  The bark of pine pinaster will be helpful in-

  • Controlling the level of cholesterol
  • Enhance the circulation of blood
  • Helpful in the eradication of ED
  • Possibly improve the health of cardiovascular

Dosage of pinus pinaster depends on health history. Before having pinus pinaster, discuss the amount of dosage that you can consume on a daily basis. Up to 300 mg dosage of pine bark would be sufficient to improve the testosterone level in men.

Herbs have definitely a role to play when it comes to naturally boost testosterone but they should be consumed in the right manner.


Finally, we have covered all vital aspects related to naturally boost testosterone and it is all about following the shared information properly in order to achieve desired outcomes.

These natural techniques do demand patience and are certainly beneficial up to a limit. However, if you want to speed up the process of increasing testosterone level, and if your goal is to achieve higher T-levels for quick muscle recovery or to compete with the professionals, it is suggested to consume safe and quality supplements under proper guidance and knowledge. After collecting a lot of genuine information from the web and interviewing legit buyers, we have summed up almost everything you need to know about top rated T-level boosters available currently on the market.

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