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Levitating into the future with the Hoverboards

First mention was in a Sci-fi novel:

In the year 1967, when the author M.K Joseph spoke about a board that could help people levitate over the ground, he was only talking fiction. He did not know that years later, this was bound to become a reality. Absolutely fictional that it may still sound, hoverboards are now available and marketed everywhere. The only difference is that they do have wheels and cannot levitate like the fictional ones from off the ground!

The movie ‘Back to the Future’ popularized the concept:

Have you seen the movie “Back to the Future”? The second and the third part of the franchisee is the story of the protagonist who is trying to outdo the bad guys and he uses his hoverboard to help him move from one place to another. Of course, hoverboard that is shown in the movie is also fictional and way too ahead of our times.

How to decide which board is the best one for you?

For a beginner, all the boards may look the same. The technology even though similar is not the same for all the boards made today. Some of the companies have understood the dynamics of the movement on the board so well that they deserve to become the benchmark for this device.

The highest score goes to Razor/hovertrax scooter:

Even if you are just an enthusiast and picking the ropes of traveling on the board, you must consider buying the Razor 2.0 for yourself because it is indeed capable of delivering the superb performance and the smoothest maneuverability that other boards can only promise. In addition, Razor is the first US brand of hoverboards to have received the UL 2272 safety listing. Their after sales service is also beyond words. In short it is definitely value for the money that you would want to invest.

If you are looking to buy hoverboard for cheap – WEBSITE, then you must refer to Websites such as Websites such as this are dime a dozen on the world wide web and they can give you a sneak peek into all the best brands in the world. Because they regularly review the products that are introduced in the market, there are chances that you will definitely find the right one for yourself there.

If you are looking to buy hoverboard for kids at cheap price [buy now], then you will find them at various websites that are selling Chinese ones. To buy now one you need to place your orders with them and they will door deliver it at your preferred address.

The best balancing scooter:

There are hundreds of brands of self balancing scooters and you are bound to become confused as to which is the best one that suits your needs in terms of the quality and the price. The best one as of now which has almost hogged all the limelight is the Halo Rover with a five star rating to its credit. It can travel up to a range of 10 miles in one time of charge and can carry 31 pounds if weight easily. The maximum speed that it can travel up to is nine meters per hour which is amazing considering its size.

Dynamic Microphones

A Microphone is a gadget to convert sound into electrical energy. Dynamic Microphones are the simplest form of microphones that are available in the market. There are so many different kinds of microphones available in the market. It is important to understand what to compare before finalizing or choosing the one that suits your purpose.

Frequency response: If the microphone is going to be used for high frequency instruments such as an acoustic guitar, cymbals or piano, then condenser microphones is the way to go. Where the instruments are mid or low level frequency such as Drums or Electric guitar cabs, it is a safer bet to go with dynamic microphones.

Size of the Diaphragms: Condenser microphones always work better if you are working with high frequencies. This is because they use small and lighter diaphragms to capture sound as compared to the larger diaphragms in the Dynamic Microphones, which are not as reactive.

Power source: Another point of comparison is phantom power, which is required as far as condenser microphones are concerned. These microphones are however very successful in recording softer sounds. Dynamic microphones use heavier diaphragms and hence are able to generate enough voltage, eliminating the need for an outside power source.

General Durability: Since the diaphragms are larger, the dynamic microphones are much more durable. It is also important to note that apart from overall design, they are stable even if there are humidity changes. Therefore, these microphones are a better choice for on stage performances. The condenser microphones do not perform as well in comparison.

Having read the information, top rated mic for dynamic use?? Should be the Shure SM58. Shure microphones are famous around the world for their quality. Pricewise it falls in the middle and hence is affordable. In addition, it has a very decent built-in shock system and works best for vocals. The first name that pops in our head when we talk about the best is for sure the Shure SM58

Shure SM7B is the mic that the king of pop Michael Jackson used in his album “Thriller”. This microphone boasts of being the best in terms of stifling background noises and so if you use it in an untreated room, it will still give professional sounding quality. What probably works best in its favor is its price. It is best price for sure sm-7b!

Sennheiser is a name that is synonymous with headphones. However, in this review 2017: sennheiser e-835 is making all the right sounds! It has a great feedback rejection and some fantastic noise isolation. What is impressive is its sturdy metal housing and as a typical dynamic microphone has a high SPL, (Sound Pressure Level before which distortion starts). However, considering that it is a bit pricey as compared to others in its category, buy it only if it is on sale.

Then we come to the best of best where sound comes and that is the Heil Sound. If you ask, “Can I buy Heil wireless (microphone) online?? The answer is a definitive yes. While played a major role in making these products available, these products are now available on Amazon as well.

Radar Detector – Drive Safe. Drive Smart.

Not everyone who has a driver’s license can become a good driver. It takes a lot of knack and talent to get that title. It is not just about being able to go front and back. The art of speeding and avoiding cops is nothing something jus anyone can pick up. That is why fancy speed radars are built. It is meant for those who love to drive, love to speed down the roads and keep a constant look out for the anti-speedsters. Shopping online is a good way to start. A website such as can give you an idea of what is there in the market and where to begin. It can be quite tricky, picking the right gadget. While some might be very expensive, some might not have the necessary appealing features. It is vital that you fit the gadget that suits your car and your personality. Some might not be comfortable with a talking device that would suddenly scream in your ear and make you crash into at tree. Check out the right features and pick the correct radar. It is important that you drive safe.

There are some very nice gadgets in the market that have stood out.

* Beltronics STI magnum

Nothing talks about a product like its performance. Beltronics speaks for itself when it comes to top notch radars. Beltronics makes this radar STI magnum J that has impressed speed lovers big time. Very few other brands of radar detectors are good enough to be compared to this product. The model is a very simple yet effective one. The well designed dual antenna gives you a long range that remains unbeatable in the market. No traffic cop can escape the three sensitivity features. The gadget is extremely user-friendly and does not require a tech-savvy driver to figure out how to use the gadget. Go through the manual once and you are set to race. The simple display and the easy set up saves hours of time and energy spent on trying to find out how the technology actually works.

The biggest advantage of this product is that it is compatible with Escort Live Application that provides alert to threats such as speed traps and red light cameras. The lack of a GPS can be a negative. The overall verdict is that this is a great entry level gadget to keep you on your toes when you are racing down the highway.

* Cobra radar detector review (SPX 7800bt)

This beautiful and colourful gadget not only is useful but also looks good. The LED display is fully coloured and makes it easier to notice and read when danger is lurking nearby. This gadget can be connected to the smartphone. It can integrate with another app called the cobra radar Threat-sharing app and works beautifully.

Cobra as a brand is a very useful app. The best laser radar Cobra xrs 9370 detector! is a favourite amongst many speed lovers. The brand name and reputation also matters. People automatically gravitate towards a known and publically accepted brand. New brands take a while to establish in the market. The reputation always precedes them. Buy a good radar detector from a trustworthy brand and see the difference. The rest will look extremely childish. Almost like a toy.

Top Drones To Be Used With GoPro

Drones are the coolest device that one could own and the easiest and the most efficient to use with attached cameras mounted on them. The benefits of drones with camera are relatively higher than those without cameras. However drones without camera come at a very cheap cost.

If a list of the top rated drone to be used with GoPro Cam (2016/2017) has to be created then the following drones will find a definite place.

1. Syma X5C:

If you are looking for a cool quad copter with a great functionalities and a greater add-on features within your budget then the Syma x5c is the best option that you could think of. To know more about this budget-friendly read on →→ syma x5c review under $200.

4. The Syma X5C comes with a dual mode remote control with 2.4Ghz. The transmitter is so swift in commanding operations to the drone, just by a click and turn the drone is operated effectively.

5. For a flight time of 6 to 8 minutes you will have to charge the drone for 2 hours and it can fly up to a range of 100 meters. However the flight time depends on the various twists and turns that you apply to your drones and the extent of usage of the add-on features.

6. It is a light-weight, ready to fly drone that comes as a package with stock batteries, USB Cable, 4 propellers and an extra 2 spare propellers, remote control, a screw driver, an SD card to transfer the video footage to a computer and an instruction manual for easy operation.

2. Holy Stone F181:

The F181 from holystone is one of the most suited drones to be used with GoPro. It comes with a resolution of 1280×720 resolution with 6-axis Gyro stabilization. It has a 30 FPS video recording feature with a security camera as well. It has a flight time of 7-8 minutes and a battery life of 10 minutes.

It has a strong built body with thick propeller and a durable design, that makes it crash-proof. Although the camera doesn’t support FPV, it does have a high resolution and takes good pictures. So F181 comes as an answer for your question as to which cheap holy stone quadcopter to buy!

3. Akaso X5C:

Akaso makes this model: X5C. This model comes with a 6-Axis Gyro Headless and a RC Quadcopter with a full HD camera. The headless mode enables the user to operate the drone more easily. The drone comes with a remote control that is equipped with a 360-degree 3D rolling Mode. It comes as a package that includes a USB adaptor, a TF memory card, extra blade and Micro SD card.

It comes in a dimension of 12x12x5 and is equipped with a LED night-light and also bright LED directional lights to enable smoother night flights. This model by Akaso is powered by 4 brushless motors that enables low-noise Level. With all these features it finds a stable place in the list of drones suitable for use with GoPro.

Steps To Choose Your Home Defense Gun

It has become important to use firearms for our Home Defense. Assume you are all alone in the house and some burglar tries to enter your house. It becomes worse if you are a woman, the person may even try to use the loneliness to molest you. So it is better to have a safety gun with you.

Assume that you have decided to purchase a gun. There are lot of fire arms available in the market. You may get puzzled on to how to select the best suitable one for you. Here is a step by step instruction to choose your firearm.

Rate yourself for the experience: The main thing you have to consider while purchasing a gun is the experience you have in using it. Some may be a beginner and some may be an expert. So, rate yourself.

If you have never used a gun in your lifetime, which means you have never fired from a gun, then a beginner gun will suit you better. A smaller caliber handgun is better for you. You can choose a .22 caliber handgun initially and then move onto .380 and 9mm slowly.

If you use a 9mm caliber gun but not able to hit a paper, then better start with .22 again.

Glock 19 is great for beginners. It is a 9mm caliber gun. The size of this type of pistol is very smaller and lighter which may be easy for beginners to handle it. It is also best for concealed carry. glock 19 generation 4 has good price and accessories in the market.

Sig P238 is another great model for beginners. It is a .380 caliber single action pistol. One can buy sig p238 top quality and low price online.

One may get a doubt on whether to select sig sauer handgun or glock? As said above, both are good for beginners. They are just a sample for beginner guns. Choose the one with the least caliber first and then upgrade later once you get comfortable.

Purpose: Once you rate yourself with the experience, decide on the purpose of the purchase. Decide whether you are going to keep the firearm safe at home or you are going to carry it with you all day. This tells you how your gun should be. If you need to carry it with you, you need one of smaller size else you can go for slightly bigger one but keep in mind that as the size and weight of the gun increases, it will be difficult for you to handle it efficiently.

Comfort: One can find lot of models available for your purpose but all may not suit you. Some people have very small hands and some have a broader one. One should choose a gun that fits your hand and provides a proper grip to hold it.

Budget: Whether you are going to purchase a gun or an apparel, budget is one of the important points that you have to consider. Keep in mind that the best revolver models to buy in store/online are slightly priced higher but are very efficient. If you are very much keen on purchasing a low budget one, research well before you purchase them.

Use the above tips to purchase the best firearm available in the market.

The Indispensable Survivalist Knife

Your love for going on hiking trips or just going and exploring the wilderness is endless. The thrills and the adrenaline rush of going into unchartered territory are stupendous. And the preparation that is required for these journeys into the wilderness is, of course, huge. But the one essential thing that cannot be forgotten is the survivalist knife. This is one instrument that anyone going on hiking or wilderness journeys carries.

A survival knife is a very versatile piece of tool that achieves a good lot of things. And hence it’s importance. It is indeed quite surprising to see the different uses of this weapon. Some situations are really unimaginable. But, these knives, produced by different brands, with different specifications are immensely useful in a number of scenarios.

Some of the uses are:

* Cut, Slice and Pierce – These are but the obvious uses of a knife.

* Digging tool – a perfect tool used as a shovel for digging or also to carve out distress signals in snow or dirt.

* Hammer – the pommel end of the knife can be used as a hammer in its own right.

* Tool making –A great specialty of this tool is that it can make other tools in the wilderness.

* Shelter making – A knife blade trims the limbs when you have to build a shelter and can be used to notch the limbs too.

Apart from this, knives can be used also in first aid, starting a fire, processing wood, splitting wood, adjusting the gear, and many more things. Different uses of this amazing tool crop every time you are in a difficult situation.

So, it becomes quite imperative to go in for some good quality knife. One brand that comes up is the Benchmade knife. It is a Top Quality Knife to Buy! Benchmade 940 comparison is a must to know its wonderful specifications and uses.

The other brand that is good is the Becker brand. You should choose the top rated Becker bk2 knive to buy for your trekking and wilderness trips.

The zero tolerance knives – {Official Website} are the ones that can be depended on completely in any situation. These are certainly premium-quality and professional knives that deliver the best value.

All these brands of knives are very versatile. They are amazing knives which come in very handy in every kind of situation. Every brand ad model is extremely good and fits the purpose to the hilt.

TheBenchmade940 knife for survivalist situations is the most amazing lightweight powerhouse. It is the top pick in the foldable knives that is more advantageous than other knives. These are slim and stylish knives that are quintessential EDCs that deliver and perform in every possible situation. This is a knife that is modern and functions in an iconic manner. It is an all-purpose utility cutter, with the reverse tanto blade shape and a smooth axis lock.

A good knife is a good tool. But a good knife is also a multi-tool that can be used in different situations, sometimes very essential for survival.

Experience Off Road Fun On Rides Other Than Just The Dirt-Bikes

Drifting is always fun. But to drift in a car you need very high level expertise and it may land you in trouble with the law. If you want to experience the fun of drifting, why not try it on a bike? The drift trikes are here to quench that drifting need in you. With these drift trikes, you can take biking to a whole new level.

Get This Razor: Razor DTX Drift (Trike)

When you are thinking drift trikes, the Razor drift trike should be on top of your list because:

* It is made of steel frame, which makes it sturdier and enables it to take more weight

* The front tires are large and pneumatic, hence will be similar to the feel of riding a bike

* The rear wheels are cart style. This enables the trike to take up loads up to 198lb

* The grips are made of soft rubber like in pro bikes, to provide you the utmost comfort while riding

* The bucket style seat is adjustable. So any one can ride it in the family

* The pedals of this trike are in BMX style. So just sit back in your seat and you can pedal away comfortably.

Now riding this drift trike is fun at its best. Get a little practice and you can race your friends all day long. Go down the nearest slope and see for yourself, how well you can drift. This bike is designed in such a way that even amateurs can take it for a spin and not worry about hurting anyone. The more you ride, the easier it will be for you to drift.

The Dune Racer

Want to let your kids to have some adult racing fun? Give them the great fun dune racer model by Power Wheels and see them go outdoors and stay there with their dunes. It is powered by a 12V battery and can take up to a maximum of 130 pounds in weight, approximately. All your child has to do is pedal it in the beginning and the battery will take over .

If your child is unsure of the speed or is not comfortable, ask them to just remove their foot from the pedal and dune will come to a stop. It is not just your child who can enjoy, but he can even get a friend to join the fun. Two kids can be seated at a time and there are enough safety features to ensure the children’s safety.

These power wheels can be driven on various surfaces and the kid will need no help from you or any other adult. These dunes come in different models by different manufacturers and have very similar features. You can even go in reverse in models with the reverse gear.

Dune Buggy

These buggys tht can be driven on the sand is not just fun but tests your driving skills too. Driving on sand is not the same as driving on the road. These off the road vehicles are very powerful and when you drive it, you will hear yourself say “C my RAZOR dune buggy is really fast”. This is the perfect ATV for youth and oldies too!!! The sturdy body with easy controls enables people of different ages to experience the speed of this buggy.

Don’t limit yourself to dirt-bikes, get a buggy today and start having some serious fun.

Get The Ultimate Wine Cooler

A refrigerator at home is a blessing. It has so many uses that are quite indispensable. You use it to store water, fruits, vegetables and even your drinks. A beer can and any other carbonated drinks along with a wine bottle also find space in your refrigerator.

But a normal fridge it is not good for a wine, be it red wine or white wine. Wines should be stored in perfect conditions. Otherwise, they tend to lose their quality. The best way to store a bottle of wine is to place it in a wine cooler. These come in a variety of sizes and types. But the basic function of every type of wine cooler is to store the wines efficiently.

The bigger version, for wine collectors, is to have a wine cellar, which stores a good quantity of wine bottles. Only a wine collector or a wine aficionado will appreciate the need for having a big an enormous wine cellar.

But for someone, who enjoys the occasional drink, going in for the top drinks refrigerator is a good option. Especially, a separate wine cooler is a great decision. You can enjoy your drink as well as make your celebrations moments to cherish.

What are the characteristics of a good wine fridge?

* A good wine fridge should have a decent temperature range. Wine should be served at the correct temperature and a wine cooler’s main function is to chill the wine to perfect serving temperature. The general ideal range is 45 – 65°F.

* UV protection is also one vital feature.

* The vibrations should be very minimal. The quality of the wine tends to get spoiled because of these vibrations. Generally, the thermoelectric wine coolers are better at this feature, as the vibrations are fewer and they are ultra-silent in their operations.

* A dual zone refrigerator is a better choice when compared to a single zone wine fridge.

* A good wine should also look aesthetically nice and fit in the décor of the home.

* The size of the wine cooler should be utilitarian. It should not be too huge or too small.

Wine collection is something that only a select few get into. And when you are doing it, do it in style. Get the best reviews of the various brands and qualities and then get the right one. Among the many review websites, a few have a good reputation for being the ultimate guide for giving a perfect review of the wine coolers present in the market.

This is the ultimate wine chiller reviews website!

Always go in for a separate wine and beer fridge [enthusiast Bob]. This ensures that your drinks are stored in the best way. The quality of the drinks is maintained and every time you have a drink it is amemorable experience.

The (reviews) Newair wine fridge is a brand that has rave reviews. With contemporary styles and compact sizes, the Newair wine coolers are sturdy and affordable. Exceptional designs, great features, and superior detailing are some of the best things that you get from the Newair brand of wine coolers.